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Build your ear from the ground up

We all know that ear training is essential for any serious musician.

But if you’re like most musicians, you still haven’t figured the best way to train your ear and you lack the skill level you wish you had.

Perhaps you’ve tried to develop your ear, but weren’t seeing the results you wanted. Or maybe you didn’t know exactly how to practice or where to begin. We’ve all been there and it’s beyond frustrating.

Introducing The Ear Training Method

Ear Training Method

The Ear Training Method is an in-depth ear training course that’s designed to quickly improve your ear so you can start achieving your musical potential.

Because every skill that you need to develop on your musical journey starts with your ears. That’s why we developed an ear training method that will finally give you results.

Stop thinking about music and start hearing it!

Don’t spend another practice session struggling in frustration or another performance lost and isolated from your fellow musicians. Learn to connect to the sound of music on a deeper level.

Imagine listening to the radio and knowing what each chord or interval is in a matter of seconds…

Picture yourself walking on stage confident that you have the skills to hear any sound that hits your ears…

With the tools you’ll learn in The Ear Training Method you can make this a reality.

Simply Press Play and Improve

The Ear Training Method makes improving your ears easier than ever before.

With over 300 tailor made audio lessons that guide you step by step through the process of training your ear, you’ll be able to improve wherever you are.

Listening to musicBecause learning to hear shouldn’t be a mystery and it shouldn’t be limited to a classroom or a practice room.

Practice on the way to work, test your ears as you lay in bed, and improve your musicianship in your free time.

The private ear training lessons you can listen to…anywhere.

What makes the Ear Training Method so effective?

It’s all in the details. We’ve painstakingly crafted each audio lesson in this course to give you the tools you need to rapidly improve your ears.

The Ear Training Method uses a unique 3 step system for training your ears that builds a solid foundation up from intervals and triads to 7th chords and complex chord voicings.

“With this course you’ll develop musical skills for the real world.”

You can learn music theory from a book, but training your ear requires sound. That’s why with this method you’ll not only learn the information, you’ll hear it, sing it, and be tested on your progress each step of the way.

And if you miss something? Simply go back and review the lessons at your own pace. We’ll be there every step of the way, coaching you from the beginning all the way through the end.

You’ll get 3 packed volumes

Inside you’ll get a complete ear training course packed into 3 comprehensive volumes. We’ve taken the essential elements of hearing music and put them into an easy to use course – all you have to do is press play and follow along.

  300 in-depth Audio Tracks
  Step by step guided instruction
  90 page PDF of Program Notes

That’s over 20 hours of individual instruction that you can take with you anywhere you go!

Click here for a complete track listing of the contents of The Ear Training Method

Here’s how it works…

In Volume 1: Master your intervals

Volume 1 Ear Training Method


Intervals are the building blocks for every melody, chord and bass line that you’ll encounter as a musician. From the symphonies of Beethoven to the solos of Miles Davis, intervals are the key ingredient. You’ve probably done some interval ear training before, but in this course, you’ll master them once and for all.

Over the course of twelve lessons and 120 audio tracks you’ll get to know your intervals on a deeper level than ever before. You’ll get beyond having to think about them, and get to the point where you just know them!

And we’ll even take you beyond mastering each individual interval, teaching you to hear as many intervals in a row as you like using the simple yet effective note-pairing technique. Using this one little trick will catapult your ability to hear and sing many intervals in a row.

Then in Volume 2: Master chord structures

Volume 2 Ear Training Method


In Volume 2, you’ll finally clear up the confusion surrounding chords. You’ll not only learn to identify the quality of basic chord structures, you’ll truly understand each chord type inside out.

With 10 extensive lessons, you’ll learn the crucial skills you need to start learning songs by ear: hearing bass notes, picking out melody notes on top of chords, and identifying chord quality and type. You’ll build the necessary foundation needed to hear anything you wish.

And in Volume 3: Advance to Upper Structures and Voicings

Volume 3 Ear Training Method


In Volume 3, you’ll build on what you’ve learned in the previous two volumes, diving into the upper structures of chords, altered notes, and hearing complex chord voicings.

All the difficulty surrounding these advanced concepts will be broken down and explained so you finally get a firm aural and conceptual grasp on it.

Here’s what people are saying about The Ear Training Method…

Bravo on a great ear training method

Bravo for producing such a well thought out ear training method. My favorite time to practice is while I’m walking my dogs at night when no one is around to hear me singing the intervals. Occasionally my dogs do stop and give me quizzical look when I hit a wrong note but I’m improving.


I’m hearing music more clearly than ever before

I really like the layout and the ease with which I can practice on the go. This is exactly what I was looking for to help stretch my ears and my skills, and to have it laid out in an easy-to-follow format at such a reasonable price is incredibly useful.

One of the things that sets this method apart from others I’ve tried is the ingrain section of each lesson. I have found that most other ear training courses encourage immediately singing and differentiating intervals or chords without giving ample time for the sound itself to permeate the inner ear and the mind. Being able to do them “on-the-go” is invaluable, as there are so many demands in the modern world that being able to practice during time that would otherwise be “wasted” allows me to keep moving forward even during my busiest times.

I also enjoy the pace of the singing tracks. Even in busy environments such as a bus or a train I am able to practice hearing the intervals in my inner ear. I am hearing the music in my mind more clearly now than I ever have before. I also find the checkpoints incredibly useful. I am able to use them as a quick assessment of how instinctual my listening has become.

I am trying to turn my ear into a reflex understanding of music, and having these tracks allows me to determine whether I am guessing, thinking, or hearing.

Fletcher Planert

Awesome! Just what I needed!

Thank thanks… I was in the process of creating something but finding your method blew me away! So much better than I could have ever imagined! It’s just a miracle to find you right when I needed this! Works great! Thanks guys, awesome, just what I needed.

Nico van der Kuip

Helps you every step of the way…

This is great!! I have tried lots of different ear training methods over the years. Finally, one that goes small step by step and is logically set out. Other methods have big holes that are just too difficult to master on you own. This method helps along every step from very basic intervals right up to complex chords. I love it! Thanks guys.


The most accessible ear training program

I’m very happy with ‘Ear Training Method’ from The format makes it easy to use. I’ve loaded it up on an iPod, then I put my selection on repeat, and go about my day! I’ve tried several other ear training programs, which are all good, but this one is the most accessible. I also like the concept of “ingraining.” It makes sense to me as a learning tool for this important aspect of jazz performance.

Anne Saffer

I whole-heartedly recommend this program

I am a music student attending a university program and was referred to I quickly realized this site to be a gold mine of much needed theory, advice, insight and much much more. Working through this ear training program is improving my musicianship skills and building my confidence. The thorough approach leaves nothing out; I whole-heartedly recommend this program! Thank you for all your excellent Jazz Advice!

Tracy G

About us


We are Forrest and Eric and we created With over twenty years of experience learning, playing, and teaching music, we know first-hand that learning to improvise and improving your ear can be challenging.

That's why we set out in 2010 with the goal of sharing our knowledge and the lessons we've picked up from the world's greatest players with as many folks as possible on

Along the way, hearing from and helping musicians from all around the globe, we found that the majority of struggling players had one thing in common: untrained ears.

So we worked to create a method that would solve this problem – a product that we’d actually want to use ourselves. The Ear Training Method contains all of the lessons we’ve learned in one place and now, we’re excited to share it with you!

What people are saying about Jazzadvice...

Jazzadvice continues to be a great resource for aspiring musicians

I feel that the great folks at JazzAdvice are offering their honest and hard-won lessons on what it takes to develop as a musician. Their words of wisdom are practical and valuable. We should all be grateful for their willingness to share their wisdom.


Practical and compassionate advice

This website offers practical and compassionate advice to those of us who are hopelessly infected with the idea that jazz improvisation could be mastered. It is especially useful to get fresh ideas for gearing up for the work of practice. Learning to improvise jazz is my personal drug of choice, and these folks are enablers.

Connie Rivera

They sound like words from an old dear friend

In my opinion one of the most beautiful things about JA is how the articles are written: although full of serious, extremely interesting, thoughts, concepts and experiences, they sound like words from an old dear friend… A very, very wise one.


A great source of inspiration and knowledge

I used to play a lot in my youth but took a 32 year break and now I’ve started again to practice. Jazzadvice has been a great source of inspiration and knowledge on my jazz journey and still is!

Paul Kovacs

Who is this method for?

We're not going to lie. This method isn’t for everyone. If  you're looking for a quick short cut, an escape from daily practice, or a way to fake it on stage without building the necessary skills, then you should look elsewhere.

The Ear Training Method is for musicians who have a great desire to improve and are serious about spending the necessary time to train their ears from the ground up.

The Ear Training Method can be used by people of all levels because it breaks down super complex concepts into little pieces, so even beginners can follow along and build their skills.

If you’ve been frustrated with your practice and you want a rapid and methodical way to achieve results, then The Ear Training Method is for you.

But what if I’m not a jazz musician?

The Ear Training Method is created to benefit musicians of all styles!

The truth is...the ability to hear and identify the elements of music isn't limited to jazz – it’s an essential skill for anyone practicing or performing music.

Whether you’re a performer, a composer, a music teacher, or an aspiring improviser you need to train your ears to perform at your peak.

In this method we've included exercises that will not only build and reinforce the fundamentals of training your ear, but will push your limits to the advanced harmonies and complex chords structures of modern music.

“Whichever style of music you play, the bottom line is the same: if you want to reach your potential as a musician, you need to have great ears.”

To learn all of this information on your own would cost you years of ear training courses and private lessons. In fact, 20 hours of private instruction alone would easily cost over $1000!

But we're offering the entire revolutionary ear training course at an introductory price of $159 $99. Take advantage of this special introductory offer before it's too late!

Note: This is a DIGITAL product. You will not be mailed anything. The files are in MP3 and PDF format and are available via immediate download.

Ear Training Method

  300 in-depth audio tracks. That's over 20 hours!

  3 packed volumes crafted in a logical easy to follow along style

  90 page PDF of program notes

  A lifetime of free updates

$159 $99

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Paypal

Q: How do I access my course?
A: Once you buy the course, you'll receive an email containing your download

Q: I'm not a jazz musician. Can I still use this course?
A: Yes! No matter what style of music you play, you will benefit from this course. We've had musicians of all styles tell us how much they love the course.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee or a refund if I don't like it?
A: No. We do not give refunds or money back guarantees. We've spent years developing and refining our courses. If you're lazy or think you know everything already, just don't buy the course, because it takes a ton of work - a consistent effort, desire, and an open mind. If you genuinely wish to get better and enjoy the process of doing so, then you'll really enjoy this course and get a lot out of it. It's simple: if you follow the plan and put in the practice time, you will improve.

Q: Is this course easy enough for beginners?
A: Yes. The Ear Training Method can be used by musicians of all levels, but it helps if you have some basic chord and improvisational knowledge. If you're the kind of person that's willing to google the things they don't understand, then you'll be fine.

Q: I'm an intermediate or advanced player. Will this course be good for me?
A: Yes. The exercises and knowledge presented in this course is a lifetime of practice. There's always a higher level to achieve and more complex things to hear. Being more advanced will allow you to figure out your own ways and exercises to add to your ear training practice.

Q: What instrument(s) is this course for?
A: All instruments can use this course.

We're here to help...

We made this course to give you the necessary fundamentals needed as a jazz musician. If you have any questions at all about the course, we're more than happy to answer them.